New Flickr Review

Flickr was once one of the most exciting sites on the web, essential for most creatives. But after it was bought by Yahoo in 2005 things started to drift. Will its new redesign refine users’ enthusiasm? In the light of Yahoo’s purchase of Tumblr, and promise not to “screw it up” the relaunch of Flickr … Continue reading New Flickr Review

iPhone 5 is here!

Thank you Apple for confirming exactly what I (and many others) knew would happen here. Same old phone with a couple “updates”. Let’s see here…- 4 inch screen. Not exactly a breakthrough here. Pretty much just playing catch up and following the rest of the smartphone industry. Still not 16×9 & letterboxing legacy apps. Sweet. … Continue reading iPhone 5 is here!

Using Google Public DNS

We are yet to be there in India, the “internet speeds” are fast catching up but are equally costly. On an average, we tend to choose between 256 Kbps minimum to 1 Mbps max. However, with more and more websites evolving as web applications and our “impatience”, we can only do this. Use Google public … Continue reading Using Google Public DNS

Common Network Issues

Are you experiencing problems with your computer network? Are these error messages appearing?: Unable to clear the DNS cache Unable to renew your IP address An operation was performed on something that is not a socket Unable to clear the ARP cache If so, here are some potential solutions for Windows XP/Vista. The Steps Check … Continue reading Common Network Issues