Karma is a tax

This is my first attempt to write a script and make a video along with a couple of my friends. Your feedback will definitely help me scale up. Karma is a tax is the first video by the bunch of friends behind swagroad. We try to bring in the tension every entrepreneur has about various taxes.

Different Web Hosting Types Explained

Let’s first talk about web hosting. If you want to construct a website or have an email address on the internet with your own domain name, then you need to have web hosting.

Web hosting can be best described as storage for the files (images, texts, code, databases and emails) that make your website live so that other people can use your domain name and see your site. Each storage area sits on a server (a computer that is accessible by the Internet) and has an address (domain name). When that address / domain name is typed into the browser, it tracks down the correct storage unit and let’s us view what is inside. If there is no web hosting, there can be no way for the web browser to find and view the website.
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Mayorships are back on Swarm :)

Long long ago in a far app-fields, there was an app which used to make you a mayor of a place and then it was a wildfire game of people fighting for mayorships. The game ended, Foursquare took it’s rebirth and the friendly game was moved to swarm. But it soon realized how much people miss not being a mayor of a place and now Mayorships are back on Swarm!

Here’s the official news!
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8 Companies Who Didn’t Own Their Domain Names

How important is it that your website URL matches your company name?

Joel Gascoigne, co-founder of Buffer, doesn’t think it’s that important when starting out.

Having a matching domain name seems to have no bearing at all on whether you will succeed with your startup.

He cites several hugely successful businesses who didn’t use name.com in the beginning, including Twitter and Dropbox.

However, an unmatching domain or not owning your top level domains (TLDs) such as .com or .co.uk can cause issues. Buying your optimum domain after the business has launched frequently costs more money but worse, it can cost you customers and reputation. An unconventional TLD can even be a major threat to business continuity.

Read on for the stories behind these eight companies and their domains:
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Beginner’s Guide to Selling Your Unused Domain Names

Beginner’s Guide to Selling Your Unused Domain Names

Many individuals have the habit of collecting attractive domain names but never using them. If so, why not get rid of unused domain names and in the process, make some cash? It is important to understand the whole process of selling domain names. On the outside, the process may look very easy, but unless a trader is well aware of how the whole process works, it is not easy to find a buyer.

Read the complete article at HongKait.

Why I Invest In Brandable Domain Names?

I’m usually touting the benefits of domain names in many articles. In this post I’d like to analyze another common domain name type, brandables. A brandable domain is often thought of as a short, made-up word such as Google or Twitter, however this isn’t always the norm. There are different types of brandable domains, even those that do use keywords, so let’s dive in and see what they are all about.

First, a quick word on why a quality brand is important. A recent study found that just 3% of traffic to eCommerce websites comes from social media, while a staggering 46% comes from brand familiarity. Your domain is your brand.

Brand familiarity boosts web traffic
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Ok. I am back to blogging.

All right, I’ve made a goal to start blogging more. It’s good for my brain and my emotional well-being and to be networked.

I thought about making this post about general updates but I don’t really have that much to say. 2014 coasted along and things went well overall with me getting engaged in October and getting married in Feb.

I will be going down the memory lane in my next few posts to bring you a few blasts from my past.

Another decision is to keep my posts concise and precise and that your readers dont really have to read long when you don’t have to read long.

Save The Internet

Here’s a video by my favorite youtube channel guys explaining what net neutratlity is and why should we need to step up today to keep the internet the way it should be.

You may also want to read what the geeky sounding net neutrality is all about. There’s a simple explanation given by medianama about the same.

Now please help save the internet.

Boys don’t cry

We teach our “tough boys” not to cry, but instead we should teach them not to make women in their lives cry. ‘Boys Don’t Cry’, a short film directed by Vinil Mathew and produced by Alex Kuruvilla, Managing Director, Conde Nast India, makes a powerful point about domestic violence. #VogueEmpower #StartWithTheBoys #MadhuriDixit Start with the boys.

Aren’t we Indians first?

I am waiting for that day when one assaults the other in every state for not knowing the language. I mean I don’t know manipuri and hence a manipuri guy can beat me up because I am a kannadiga and kannadigas beat that person from Manipur for not knowing Kannada. Now whose fault is it? The larger question is aren’t we Indians first. Isn’t it disrespecting the language and the community itself by behaving like this?